Creating an Account

To get started, you’ll need to create an account on Simply visit the website and navigate to the registration page. Fill in your details, including your card information, personal details, and create login credentials. Once done, you’re set to access the portal.

Logging In to the Portal

Logging in is straightforward. Head to and locate the login section. Enter the credentials you set up during registration – your username and password. This grants you access to a range of features tailored for My Kohl’s Card members.

Features of the My Kohl’s Card Portal

Payment Management

One of the primary functionalities is managing your payments. Easily view your current balance, make payments, and keep track of your transactions – all within the portal.

Rewards and Discounts

The My Kohl’s Card portal offers exclusive rewards and discounts. From birthday surprises to special offers, this platform keeps cardholders informed about the latest deals, ensuring you don’t miss out on savings.

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Troubleshooting Login Issues

Forgot Password

Forgetting your password happens, but fret not. If you encounter this issue, the portal provides a simple password recovery process. Follow the prompts to reset your password securely.

Account Security Tips

To safeguard your account, follow recommended security practices. Regularly update your password, avoid sharing login details, and be cautious of phishing attempts.

How to Maximize Benefits

Using Rewards Effectively

Make the most of your rewards by understanding their terms and conditions. Keep an eye on expiration dates and utilize rewards wisely during your shopping trips.

Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Stay updated with exclusive offers and promotions available only to My Kohl’s Card members. These can range from seasonal discounts to bonus points on specific purchases.


The My Kohl’s Card portal via is a valuable platform for Kohl’s loyal customers. With features like payment management, exclusive rewards, and troubleshooting support, it enriches your shopping experience.


1. Can I use my My Kohl’s Card online?

Yes, you can use your card for online purchases at Kohl’s.

2. How can I pay my My Kohl’s Card bill?

You can conveniently pay your bill through the My Kohl’s Card portal on

3. Are there any annual fees for having a My Kohl’s Card?

No, the card doesn’t come with annual fees.

4. Can I access my account from a mobile device?

Absolutely! The portal is accessible via mobile devices for easy account management.

5. Can I combine My Kohl’s Card rewards with other discounts?

In most cases, yes, you can combine your rewards with other discounts for added savings.

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