Tips to find the right freelance writer for your business

Hiring the best writer who will be responsible for your content is unsettling. The process can take several months, so one thing is for sure: you need patience. While the market is bursting at the seams with freelance writers, many of you will not be befitting candidates. Before you escalate your research, you should have a clear mindset of what you need. 

Although a lot of freelance writers are expected to be suited to write on multiple niches, your business might not be up their street. At the time of advertising a job post on any freelance portal, you should be able to clearly communicate what an ideal candidate looks like for your business. 

Not only is hiring time-consuming, but it is also expensive. Any wrong candidate will affect your business productivity and growth, and unfortunately, you will see its long-term repercussions. 

Tips to find an ideal candidate for writing for your website

Here are some of the valuable tips you should follow if you are looking to hire a freelance writer for your business:

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Set your needs

Nobody knows your business better than you do, so the first thing is to have clarity on what skills you want your writer to possess. Every business has its own technical terms and market trends; your writer must know them. Of course, you will keep an eye on their performance, but it does not mean that you will keep spoon-feeding all the time. They must be able to handle content for your business without a hitch. 

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Determine what they should know about your business, as it will help you design a screening process. An ideal candidate is one who already knows about your industry and needs little to no guidance to produce stellar content. 

Be ready to pay the hefty service cost

Finding the best writer for your business who does not need much guidance to handle your content is not so easy, and if you manage, expect them to cost you a lot of money. The services of such writers will be pretty high as they are specialised writers. Well, you should compromise on the quality of service. You can borrow to fund their service charges if you do not have enough money. However, if you already owe some money, making it complicated for you to borrow more, you should take out poor credit consolidation loans. Once you have settled your previous outstanding debts, you will be free to borrow money. However, at the time of borrowing, make sure you can easily repay the debt. 

Figure out their writing skills

The next thing you should look at is whether the candidate has the desired writing skills. Your brand will have a voice, and that must be the same across all communication platforms. For instance, if you need someone for landing pages, you need an expert copywriter who knows how to leverage the power of persuasive and captivating words. Likewise, if you need a writer who will be handling the academic department, a creative writer cannot be the ideal choice for you. 

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At the time of hiring a writer for your business, you should determine whether they can write SEO-friendly content. Are they able to manage a variety of writing tasks such as long-form content, articles, blogs, social media content, PPTs, infographics, and the like? 

Opt for the right platform

There are various platforms to pick a freelance writer. Most of the people think the best platforms for hiring a freelance writer is Freelancer and UpWork. Well, you should not stay limited to them only because there are a variety of other ways to pick a suitable platform. You might be surprised, but Google Search is also the best way to carry out your research. 

The good thing is that you do not have to pay any platform fees. You just need to type in the search bar the type of writer you need, for instance, creative writer, blockchain content writer, SaaS content writer, etc. Here are some of the suggestions to do your research right.

  • (niche) content writer
  • (niche) writer for hire
  • (niche) copywriter
  • (niche) blogger
  • (niche) web content writer
  • (niche) social media writer

Social media platforms are also a great way to find a freelance writer. Facebook is the most commonly used platform to find writers. You can easily reach out to groups by simply posting your hiring message. You will see many people showing interest in your post using the right hashtags. 

LinkedIn is the best platform to get professional and experienced writers. Once you see responses from people, you can connect to them so you can start the screening process. 

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Design the interview questions carefully

Your interview process cannot be too long, nor can it be too short. Make sure that you have set all relevant questions. If you need an academic writer, you do not need to include a question to know their potential in creative writing. Otherwise, this will be simply a waste of your time. 

The screening should not only include questions to check their writing skills, but it should also include questions to know their personality. Of course, you would not have conflicts with your freelance writers down the line. Ask for some samples of their previous work to get an idea of their writing. There is no need to proceed if their samples do not align with your business. 

Outsource to companies that design interview questions for writers. Let them know your requirements and needs so they will accordingly design the screening test accordingly. This will certainly cost you some money, but you will benefit a lot. In case you do not have enough money, you can take out £5K loans

The final word

Hiring a freelance writer for your business can be tricky, especially if you have no experience in it. Make sure that you hire somebody who completely fits your company’s culture. Outsource the screening test if you do not know what to include in the interview. It can cost you some money but will help you in the long run.

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